La Marzocco

This renowned machine brand was established in Florence in 1927 by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi. In 1927 La Marzocco designed the first espresso machine with a horizontal boiler; this was the first in a series of important innovations. Later, the ‘dual boiler’ system and other innovations came onto the market. All La Marzocco machines are incredibly robust, and maintain an extremely stable temperature throughout the day: it is here that La Marzocco still distinguishes itself today. As well as for its multiple designs, which can be assembled according to preference, La Marzocco stands out as a true workhorse. To this day Mr Bambi Jr. still spends time coaching his highly specialized staff and even after 89 years he leaves the building every day with a feeling of pride.

In short: perfect temperature stability, extraction and pressure and exclusive Italian design come together in all La Marzocco models.

See the model overview for the exact specifications per type/model.

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